All Pages from Mr Newton’s Art Class

Crazy Town

7 stages of life

Series of 4 or 5 or 6 or whatever

3d words 2 point perspective

book page art stuff

pop art color theory

line design skateboards

picasso portraits

3d signs


architecture construction

block printing


positive negative space/shape portrait cut outs

self reflection cubes

text and texture aspirations

baby doll tattoos


chuck close grid portraits

2015 arkansas pen show poster contest

alphonse mucha portraits

classroom expectations

in the style of…

pen and ink

reduction prints

typographic illustration

using art to change the world

ceramics – memory jugs

Intimate self portraits

modified photo drawings

mural stuff

3d lettering

pinch pot rattles

collagraph prints



7th art critique

7th list

7th radial symmetry

text as texture

still life shapes

piet mondrian

artist critiques

block print self portraits

scrimshaw with shellac

stringed instruments

telling stories

story scenes

art analysis


andy warhol something

my arm hole saga    🙂   gross

art critique form

all sorts of blind contour stuff


chicago fire!

clay fossils

college admission requriements

color theory



emotionalism – Thea – fingerpainting

graphite draw

I cut my sisters finger off.

more expectations

Halloween haunted houses

heart for art


mosaic collage

Nevelson Boxes

Not a cube cardboard sculpture

papier mache

periodic table of elements



ribbon wraps


screen printing

sketchbook examples

something small – LARGE


trinket boxes

reduction prints

why do we make art?

wreck this journal sketchbook stuff


before christmas

7th grade – radial symmetry

paper forest

parabolic lines

8th grade – glaze ceramics

perspective drawings

paper forest


parabolic lines

Art 1/2/3

paper sculpt value draws

– clay- coil sculptures

screen prints – t shirts

Skittles Self PortraitPart Two

Framed color theory self portrait


Fractured photo self portraits

Graphite on Wood

layered Self Portraits Part Two

Awesome Examples

Vote for best house

Hi everybody,

I need your help.  My 7-12 art students made haunted houses for Halloween and they want to know which one is the best.  So we need you to help pick.  There’s going to be a cash prize to the winning group.

Here are the houses.  Vote by picking the one you like the most.  This doesn’t affect their grade at all.  What you think is best is up to you.

If you could vote by sending an email to me at and I’ll tally them up at the end of the weekend.