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1st 9 weeks – Pick an item and draw it differently 5 times – Fill the page – example: pick an apple, but don’t just draw the apple.  Draw  the apple once, then….  Draw apple juice.  Draw apple pie.  Draw an old rotten apple.  Draw  the scene of a movie that shows an apple.  Use your imagination

2nd 9 weeks – Pick a different item and draw it 5 times.  Same as above but different items.

-stack stuff up, draw the texture, shadows, all the details
-arrange some sticks in an interesting pile and draw
-shoes, boots, flip flops, foot wear
-arrange items next to each other, things that define you as a boy or girl
-arrange school items next to each other
-a favorite item
-draw  your hand
-draw  your hand holding something
-something you use every day
-something old
-something new
-something broken
-something borrowed
-something with letters on it (not handwritten)
-something trashy
-a vehicle

-Draw with fingerprints
-Draw something using fat lines and thin
-Draw a Dream
-Draw what’s inside your head (gears, machines, cob webs, thoughts)
-fill the page with shapes
-Trace your hand over and over on a page and color and draw inside some of the shapes
-crumple a piece of paper and draw it
-imagine what’s inside your wall

-Draw yourself
– A favorite animal
– Favorite food
-Favorite place
– Best friend
– Book character
– Favorite Word
– Favorite Cartoon Character
– Favorite TV show
-Favorite candy
– An accomplishment
-fairy tale scene

-Favorite Plant
-Something you want
-something you miss
-something you need
-something you don’t like
-someone you love
-a place you want to go
-Draw your keys (BIG)




Art Sketchbook Assignments

Each drawing is 100 points. Try to spend 10-15 minutes on each one – shade and color as much as you can on each one. The more you draw the quicker that 15 minutes will go by. You want to be a good artist? To be able to draw? The more you draw the better you will get – plain and simple. Nobody ever got good at anything by simply wishing for it. You play football? How often do you practice? Basketball, cheer, gymnastics, an instrument? How often do you practice? Stunt driving, rock climbing, anything you can think of – takes practice.  Drawing often in a sketchbook will help you to become a better artist.

Don’t care about being a good artist? Well – that’s okay – not everybody likes to, or wants to draw, but it’s for a grade. Each one is worth 100 points.

Book 1

1 – stack some dishes – on your table, place a plate, and then a bowl or cup on top of it, along with a spoon or fork or something, and draw that – be sure to shade – capture lights and darks – shadows

2 – spread some scrap paper (magazines/newspapers/playing cards/whatever) on your table, then place something on top of that – something belonging to a family member (it’s more fun if you don’t tell them you’re taking it) – then wait to see if they notice that you have their stuff out.

3 – leaves/grass/dirt – place rock or branch on top of that and draw it

4 – pile of socks spread out on bed or dresser or table or… place ball cap or hat or… something on top

5 – still life of stuff from your bedroom floor – any thing you want to pick up – 3 things arranged on your dresser or a chair or something…

6 – still life – stuff that defines what you are – Girl stuff: brushes/cosmetics/scrunchies/purse/etc…  – Boy stuff: shaving stuff/comb/wallet/etc…

7 – childhood stuff – 4 things from when you were 4 years old

8 – school stuff – things from your back pack/wallet/purse – not the usual things either – stuff that people would never guess you carried around in your backpack – or stuff you forgot that you had in your wallet/purse…

9 – cup of water with something floating in it – not ice

10 – things from your yard – grass/leaves/flowers/rocks/whatever…

11 – fill a page with lots of small things that you can’t seem to get rid of

12 – sit outside in your yard and draw your house – draw all the stuff around it – bikes/planters/fire wood/lumber/garbage barrels/lawn mowers/yard tools/etc…

13 – bedroom floor plan/house floor plan/real or imagined – with furniture, closet space, etc…

14 – draw what you think is inside your wall – coins/old letters/forgotten tools/dead animals/treasure maps/etc…

15, 16, 17, 18, 19 – draw 5, 10 minute blind contour drawings – 1 of a room, 1 of a pile of stuff, 3 free choice — the rest – 30 – come up with your own ideas – bring your sketchbook around with you. Draw while at a friend’s house – relative’s house – church – wherever – draw where you are – McDonald’s, the lake, the field, deer woods, fishing, – etc…

Book 2

1- Set up a still life, anything on a table or your floor or a bed, and draw a blind contour of this.

2- Clothing. A favorite outfit or article of clothing. Open your closet door and draw all the mess and boxes and whatever you have in there. Open a dresser drawer and draw what’s in there. Or a junk drawer in the kitchen.

3- Draw your hands. A fist, open hand, finger gestures (nothing vulgar), holding an item, jewelry, anything.

4- Something made of wood. Tree, bush, firewood, chair, table, etc…

5- Sit outside and draw the skyline – sunset, mountains, tree line, whatever. Draw the clouds and birds…

6- Draw a favorite item. Stuffed animal, blanket, tools, phones, jewelry, etc…

7- Look into a mirror at an angle that you won’t see yourself, or won’t see your whole body. Draw the mirror and what you see in the mirror.

8- Something you use every day. Toothbrush, deodorant, phone, etc…

9- Something broken.

10- Something old.

11- Something new.

12- Something borrowed.

13- Something blue.

14- Something with letters, numbers, or some sort of writing on it. Any item.

15- Trash can and all the stuff in it.

16-30 – Imagine these or make something up…

* Imagine what’s buried under your house.

* Imagine what’s inside your walls.

* Create an x-ray image of an animal or person. Draw the skeleton or guts or make something up.

* Draw what’s inside your TV.

* Imagine what the inside of your head looks like. Cobwebs or gears.

* …make up the rest

b2 01 blind contour

b2 03 hand holding something

b2 04 something made of wood

b2 06 a favorite item


b2 08 something I use every day

b2 10 something old



b2 13 something blue


#16 – Free Draw – Still Life

17 18