Art Critique Form

Artwork Critique Form

QUESTIONS Write your ideas here. Give first impressions. Make guesses. Say what you see, do not say what you like, or don’t like. Do not judge. Describe, analyze, and interpret.
l.  What stands out the most when you first see it?  .
2.  Explain the reason you notice the thing you mention in number 1. .
3.  As you keep looking, what else seems important?  .
4.  Why does the thing you mention in number 3 seem important.  .
5.  How has contrast been used. 
See Contrast Note – over.
6.  What leads your eye around from place to place? See Connections – over. .
7.  What tells you about the style used by this artist? See Style –over .
8. What seems to be hiding in this composition?  .
9.  Why do you think this  was partially hidden?  .
10. Imagine the feelings and meanings this artwork represents?  .
11. What titles could you give this artwork? .
12. What other things interest you about this artwork? .