7th Grade

1- Blind contours
2- Heart for art – contest
3- Color theory/wheels- neutrals
4- Neutral color places
5- 3d graffiti – 1 point perspective
6- Tesselations
7- Sgraffito


Blind Contour – Modified Blind Contour – Gesture Drawings

3d name posters – 1 point perspective – (graffiti, contrast, emphasis, symbolism)

1st semester – trebuchet (mockup, trebuchet, collaborate)

life is shape and line

blind contours

people, shoes, hands, still life (blind contour, still life, life drawing)

how to use paint supplies – what you think of when you think “Mountain Pine” – or your secret place…

Tessellations – math – blending with color pencil cmyk

sgraffito – science tie in – crayon/black paint

Pen and ink – texture sheets and faces

collagraph prints – creative critters – wheeled animals

ceramics – pinch pot rattles – carving

story scenes – 3d group sculpture – scene from book

haunted houses – groups

creating contrast – graphite transfer, shad

paper folding – boxes

charcoal still life – focus on shape (white and black)

watercolor skies – black paint/marker landscape (w/ animal) – warm/cool color lesson

sketchbook – spend the semester illustrating the vocab – give more vocab this time

two artist reports – basically an artist review WS written in your sketch book

*graphite transfers


*complex patterns

*art that communicates life experiences (hunting, shopping, tragedy, etc)

*how does art affect the environment (green, imposing, teaches recycling)

*critique artwork

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