8th Grade

8th grade

1- blind contour
2- Heart for art – contest
3- printing self portraits – relief prints
4- Grid enlagement/transfer – graphite
5- Color Theory/Wheels/Mondrian Style
6- Scrimshaw – shellac on paper
7- 1 point perspective
8- Texture – crushed cans, crumpled paper – graphite

 house/still life drawings/water colors (arhitectural rendering, collaboration, scale, proportion, repetition, pattern, variety)

 * 1st sem. – chicago fire – architectural unit – burn it down! (facade, arch, column, bracket, cornice, gable, quolns, sill, stoop)

 * 2nd sem –

 life is shape and line

blind contours/modified BC

people, shoes, hands, still life (blind contour,

 symbollism – power point

 Lino prints – self portrait – include some type of symbollism – background, shirt, facial expression? (printmaking, baren, relief printing, brayer, printing press, ink, linoleum, woodcut, block carving knife)

 Piet Mondrian color…

rhythm – paint w/ analagous colors

—color theory – primary/secondary/tertiary/neutrals

 water color –  periodic table – science tie in

 texture – crushed soda cans

 scrimshaw – dissected imagination – draw the inside of something unique

–using shellac on heavy paper, scratch and in fill with india ink/water mix

 1 point perspective – sort of informal, blocks and buildings, road…

 atmospheric perspective – faded colors to show distance

 ceramics – coil/pinch pots – pond critters – science tie in

 story scenes – 3d group sculpture – scene from book

haunted houses – groups

 pens and ink (either free FP or dip pens) – texture and pattern/line/repetition – add texture to a famous image – Cartoon characters

Heart for Art

Pen show signs?

modern art paper cubes

charcoal still life – focus on line (white and black) – table still lifes – rocks/sticks/etc…

sketchbook – spend the semester illustrating the vocab – give more vocab this time

also give a sketchbook worksheet that shows exactly what I want in their finished books

two artist reports – basically an artist review WS written in your sketch book

art history – pick a culture/group (Egyptian/Sumerian/etc.) and create a work of art based on their style – write about what it means and what their art was for.

*graphite transfers


*complex patterns

*art that communicates life experiences (hunting, shopping, tragedy, etc)

*how does art affect the environment (green, imposing, teaches recycling)

*critique artwork – worksheet

1st lesson – Symbolism

Blind Contour – Modified Blind Contour – Gesture Drawings

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