Arm Hole Saga

Early in 2011 I got bartonella bacteria from my cat who was very sick at the time.  Also known as cat scratch fever.

My left elbow and armpit became very swollen and it was painful and very difficult to move my left arm.  I saw several doctors who had no clue what was going on – but thankfully one of them sent me off to surgery.  If I hadn’t had the puss pocket cut and cleaned out when I did it was very likely that it would have burst in my arm and gone septic, killing me within hours.

Even after the surgery I had to see more doctors to find out what caused the puss pocket to develop so we could stop it.  Otherwise I would have developed more.  Finally, the last doctor, about to retire after 25 or 30 years of practice, figured it out.  She gave me some heavy duty antibiotics, specifically designed for this one bacteria, and I was good within a couple of weeks.

I took a photo of my arm hole and put it on the internet, and there was a free for all.

Here is the result…

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