Art 1

Art 1

pop art color theory – andy warhol (pop art, repetition, color theory, triadic, monochromatic, neutral, cool, warm, analagous, grayscale, complimentary, tetratic)

skate board line/movement design (elements of art, principals of design, line, shape, form, space, color, value, texture, rhythm, movement, balance, proportion, variety, emphasis, harmony, unity)

styrofoam cup line designs – sharpie

haunted houses – 3d cardboard construction – work with an existing American architectural style then make it look haunted (architectural rendering, scale, repetition, pattern, facade, arch, column, bracket, cornice, gable, quoins, sill, stoop)

Mosaic – collage – self portrait – magazine photos for the color – not the pics.

Symmetry – Create symmetry and balance –

art reports – review WS answered in your sketch book

life is shape and line

blind contours/modified BC

people, still life

3d name sculpture –also here

Lino prints – 2 block 2 color prints

ceramics – wild and wacky teapots

Nevelson boxes/ cardboard cube sculpture – individual

pens and ink (dip pens) – texture and pattern/line/repetition – pointillism

art critique worksheet (field trip)

Heart for Art

paper folding – boxes

papier mache

Series of 5 drawings

1/2 faces

Picasso Portraits

charcoal still life – erase to draw – start off black – erase high lights

*graphite transfers


*complex patterns

*art that communicates life experiences (hunting, shopping, tragedy, etc)

*how does art affect the environment (green, imposing, teaches recycling)

*critique artwork


Web page Design

Why do we make art?

Blind Contour – Modified Blind Contour – Gesture Drawings

Papier Mache

3d sign



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