1 – 1 Pop Art Color Theory

Students will look at work by Andy Warhol and using graphite transfer method create their own multi panel pop art design.

Each work will have 4 panels and each panel will use a different set of colors.

Students will write about why they chose the image they used and what it means to them.  They will describe how it fits within the genre of pop art.  Also write about how it makes them feel, what or if it expresses something to them.

The paper is 12×18 inches, so each square will be 6×6 inches.  Pick a photo from a magazine or draw from a picture from the internet, then transfer that picture into each of the 6 squares on your big paper.

Graphite Transfer

Color Scheme picker

Another color scheme picker

Triadic – Analagous – Neutral – Cool – Warm – Complimentary – Monochromatic

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