4 – expectations

art 4   = syllabus and expectations

– students will utilize sketchbooks
*to show development of ideas toward a final product…  thumbnails and multiple sketches of a theme to work towards a product
*to collect and develop observations, thoughts, examples, and knowledge through written notations and drawn renderings…  that means draw in your sketchbook all the time
*to show multiple solutions to art problems…  brainstorming and ideas
–  Create a body of meaningful artwork that exhibits
*an underlying visual idea, content, or theme…
*evidence of thinking, problem solving, and focus on a concept or idea…
*complex compositions…
*artistic maturation…
*innovation and risk-taking…
*personal visual voice…
*personal influences, environments, and experiences, and/or influences of visual cultures…
*research (e.g., historical and biographical studies, on-site documentations, interviews, artistic styles, literary sources)…
– Evaluate the content and manner in which subject matter, influences, symbols, and images are used in the student’s own work and works of others
– Reflect upon the personal, social, and global impact of art (e.g., self, gender, family, community, historical, cultural, environments, visual cultures)
– Exhibit
– Assemble a portfolio
– Reflect upon ways in which art concepts can be projected into lifelong learning experiences in various disciplines

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