4 – Intimate Self Portraits


Create a series of 5 paintings that show different sides of you.  Who you are – what you like or don’t like about yourself – something nobody knows – what others might see when they look at you…


They say that humans spend 95% of their lives in uneventful moments, but we as humans usually document the only the most eventful moments such as, birthdays, graduations, births, and special occasions. As artist, we have the opportunity to make these ordinary moments extraordinary. Looking at human nature can be very interesting if you choose to look closely. Students will create a figurative work based on a simplistic time in a friend or family member’s life. The overall goal is to connect the viewer with the person represented in the work See student art.

  1. Watercolor Paper
  2. Acrylic/Oil paint
  3. Rolled Canvas
  4. Drawing Media (Pencils, Colored Pencils, Oil Pastels, or Charcoal)
  5. Digital Camera or Mirrors
  6. Additional Media for interest

At the end of the six weeks you will have the following due.

  1. One completed intimate portrait of a friend or family member. This work should represent the person in a personal way. Students should create a unique source of light or innovative color use.

This work will be worth 100 points. If you have any questions please let me know before it is due. It is your responsibility to pace and use your time well.

Graded On: Overall Design/Composition, Originality, Craftsmanship, Drawing/Expressive Line, Intimate or Connection to Viewer.

Size: No larger than 4’X5’ (122 x 152 cm), no smaller than 18X24 (46 x 61 cm)


  1. Process Diary including:
  1. Three original thumbnail sketches including sizes
  2. Additional pertinent information or drawings
  3. Color Study
  4. Practice drawings from life and original photographs
  1. Art Criticism over finished work.
  2. Daily Journaling
  3. Short presentation of work
  4. Self Assessment

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