Tardies add up.  Three is a D-hall.  You can leave the room to go potty if you want but it will count as a tardy.  Each tardy after the third is also a D-hall.  After a certain number of D-halls you will be sent to ISS.  Go potty between classes.

I will provide most of the materials you’ll need.  If you want to buy your own things that’s fine.  Keep up with them in your locker.  This can be pencils, paint brushes, erasers, scissors, small glue bottle, markers and anything else you can think of.  I won’t help you wash your brushes or keep up with pencils.  That’s your job.  If you leave your supplies out they will be adopted by other students or myself.

Art 2, 3, 4 will need a sketchbook of some sort.  It can be a notebook or a fancy leather-bound sketchbook.  Up to you.  You will be given drawing assignments that you’ll turn in at different times.  Don’t shirk this – it’s going to be a big part of your grade.  You’ll also need to draw in this before you start on projects – brainstorm.

There are pencils, knives, erasers, and other supplies in my middle desk drawer.  Each slot is numbered and you will be assigned a number.  If I give you number 5, then you will use the pencil or knife from slot number 5.  At the end of class I’ll be able to see who has put their supplies back up.

Talking is okay – quietly.  Do not talk while I am giving a lesson or demo.  Pay attention.  If you are playing instead of listening don’t be surprised if I don’t help you or explain the entire lesson again later on.  DO NOT TALK WHILE I AM GIVING A DEMO.

Bad behavior will not be tolerated.  Disrespect towards me or other students will result in a discipline slip.  Extreme disruptions or misbehavior will result in you being kicked out of class for the remainder of the current project and a zero for a grade.  Please do not act out.

Put trash in the garbage cans – not on the floor – and don’t throw trash across the room.  This isn’t the gym and that paper wad is not a basketball.  You are not Iverson, Bryant, or Jordan.

Do your absolute best.  Try.  Ask questions.  I will do my best to help each one of you with your needs or concerns.  I won’t do your work for you.

Turn work in to the black boxes by my desk.  They’re organized by class period.

Keep your supplies and work in your locker.  Supplies and work left out will be taken up and possibly thrown away.  The shelves are not yours.  Don’t store your projects in random places between books or under random objects around the room.  I will throw these away.  When we’re working on larger 3d projects that don’t fit in your lockers your work will go on shelving around the room.

No food or drink.  Plastic water bottles are okay.  NO sodas or juices.  I don’t like sticky floors.
We will have a few group projects.

We’ll also try to display all of your work.  I’d like to come up with additional hanging options in the hall that you’ll help with.

Timeline – This year I want to make a timeline to chart the history of art.  It will be a long banner that goes around the entire room, or most of it, and will have artists, periods, and styles, and anything else we can think of.

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