screen printing

Freezer Paper Iron On Method

*embroidery hoop* make sure it’s big enough so your design isn’t cramped around the edges
*gauze fabric* any sheer white fabric will work, but keep in mind the smaller the holes the better the print.
*fabric paint* screen printing ink can be pricey so for smaller projects like this any fabric paint will work just fine.
*water resistant glue* i used mod podge, but there are many out there.
*a sharp pencil* for tracing your design. i use mechanical pencils because they are always sharp.
*sponge brushes* enough so you can have some for painting the glue on and some for the ink.
*your stencil* the less detail the better so you don’t have a hard time creating the screen.
*blank paper* to test your screen on when it’s done. better to be safe than sorry